Lua is available in selected countries.


Deepening intimacy,
connecting people to Love.

Lua's platforms infuse mystery, eros and technology, create meaningful connections and facilitate personal growth.

We're starting with a dating app for conscious communities designed by intimacy and relationship experts.
We are in service of Love, humanity, and the planet.
We are radically innovative and open to change.
We are transparent, take self-responsibility, and are willing to grow personally and professionally.
Whatever we do, we do it with passion and dedication.
We invite authenticity, embody healthy boundaries and honour all genders equally.
We are playful, creative and take time for stillness.
We strive to integrate our consciousness, heart, emotions and sexuality.

Connecting, deepening
and elevating

Like mycelium, Lua is here to add high-quality connectivity between all those who are on the journey of personal growth.
We aim to elevate and deepen the quality of relationships through education and inspiration. Our on- and offline platforms:
• Support depth and meaningful connections
• Are safe and enable vulnerability to be shared
• Integrate the erotic and the spiritual
Lua functions in the world of tech, business, and personal growth and constantly aims to push the envelope towards more Love, freedom, and integrity in these realms.
Together, let's activate a world of mystery, vulnerability and depth.

Meet the team

Makatu Roni
CEO & Cofounder
Dor Kitenberg
CTO & Cofounder
Nir Hermelin
CMO & Cofounder
Smadar Krampf
Product manager
Caitlyn Cook
Content lead
Liat Gelerter
Design director