Dating with depth

Meet like-minded people from conscious communities

A dating app designed by intimacy experts

We are excited to reveal LUA

Come Together

Meet people from conscious communities near you and around the world.

Meet in Mystery

Skip small talk and reveal yourself deeply through 'anonymous' mystery meetings.

Select An Avatar

In Lua, first dates are through an animal avatar.

Connect Deeply

Get to know each other through deep questions, plus photo and voice challenges in real time.

Choose to Reveal

Once a spark is made with your match, mutually reveal your identity and continue the journey together.

Go deep with your match.

If you could dive into a pool of anything right now, what would it be a pool of?

The Tiger Avatar
Associated with strength, courage, and independence

If you could wave a magic wand and have any ONE thing fixed, what would that be?

The Giraffe Avatar
Associated with boldness, peace, and wise vision as well as uniqueness.

What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?

The Monkey Avatar
Associated with joy, playfulness, and friendship as well as curiosity.

Where in the cosmos would you take your lover for a romantic weekend?

The Cat Avatar
Associated with intelligence, curiousity, and being magnetic

Is there an activity in your life that you think you could never get bored of? What is it, and why?

The Elephant Avatar
Associated with wisdom, power, and care

Do you fall in love easily?

The Panda Avatar
Associated with strength, peace, and friendship as well as good luck.

Look around. Is there anything in your surroundings that means a lot to you? Tell me about it.

The Falcon Avatar
Associated with victory, power, and resilience as well as a love for freedom.

Meet In Mystery

Enter mystery meetings anonymously and answer deep questions to get to know each other.

Come Together

Meet people from conscious communities near you and around the world.

Lua is available in selected countries.