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What is a Temple?

A temple is a sacred space for people to come together in Depth, Vulnerability and Mystery. In our facilitated virtual and in-person temples, ALL of you is welcome: your light and dark, spirit, highs and lows.

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Jan 13th

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Intimacy Temple @ISTA Festival

Jan 29th


Co-creation Temple @ISTA festival

Jan 31th


Polarity Mystery Temple

Feb 6th


Behind the Mask

With special guest Ohad Pele, ISTA Lead Facilitator

Feb 27th


Enter The Portal

Experience conscious dating games to meet each other in mystery

Travel between different virtual rooms designed for self-exploration, connection and pleasure

Expand all levels of your being while having FUN


What will i do in a temple?

Through ritual and dating games, it’s a space for authentic expression, discovery, healing, play, art, music, and poetry. It’s a space for the Divine within you to meet the Divine within others.

What are the requirments to go into a temple?

There is no requirement to ‘do’ anything — just be yourself. Lua’s temples are safe spaces and are open for people of all orientations, genders, and relationship types. You have full sovereignty at all times.