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Q: How does Lua work?
Designed by intimacy experts, Lua is a dating app that allows you to get to know like-minded people in depth.

Lua connects you with others ‘in the mystery’ (through self-selected animal avatars) and asks you a series of intimacy-building photo, voice, and text challenges. Some challenges are lighter and require less thought, while others are deeper, more vulnerable, or a bit unconventional.

This diversity encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and deeply connect with your conversation partner.

When a bond has been formed, both of you can mutually reveal your identities and continue the journey together ‘in the light’. If one of you doesn’t feel the connection, you can respectfully end the conversation at any time by ‘fading into the void’.

Q:  I want to see people before I match with them. How can I do that?
We are soon to launch a new feature which enables you to see your match before you go into the mystery with them. With ‘Sharings’, our new feature, you'll be able to see profiles of people from various communities before starting a connection with them. If you feel a spark with them, you can ‘like’ them. If they like your own Sharings too, Lua can match you together.

Sharings is launching in early 2022. Hold tight.

Q: How can I get more matches?
Try adjusting your filter so Lua can match you with more people — expand your age and distance range. Age and location filters can be changed from the upper-right icon on the main screen.

You can also try removing some deal-breakers. To do so, you can click on the bottom-left icon on the main screen and then click on ‘edit profile’.

If you’re still not getting matches after those changes, please let us know! This is a top priority for us and we’re launching a new and improved matching algorithm in a few weeks.

Q: How to add a community to my profile?
For now, people can join your communities via a unique link given to community members. If that’s how you've joined Lua, you’ll see your community as a part of your profile automatically.

If you didn’t get in via a link, you can add a community yourself. To do this, please:

1. Click the icon on the top right of the main screen.
2. At the bottom of the new screen, go to the last section 'Communities'.
3. Press 'Plus' to add a community.

Q: How to get a match?
Lua is a swipe-free dating app. To meet new people, press the 'Lua connect me' button on the main screen, that’s the pink-orange button right below the goddess' image. Once you click that button, Lua will search for a match for you.

When Lua finds you a match, you’ll get a notification. You’ll be able to start the conversation by clicking 'Messages' at the bottom right of the screen.

Q: I’m having app store problems while trying to download the app.
Could it be that your App Store is currently configured for another country rather than Israel?

If that's the case, you will indeed not be able to download Lua, as we're currently launching locally in Israel. If you'd like to read more about changing your store, you can check here for Android and here for iPhone.

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