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Lua is an invite-only app for people interested in personal growth and exploration. It’s free and exclusive to mindful communities.

 What your community receives

Meet people from within your community, or other mindful communities. This is the first of its kind in the world.

Connect with like-minded people in a deep, meaningful, and playful way.

Feel safe and secure — Lua is closed to the public so you'll find only mindful people who have been invited.

Get access to exclusive online and offline events or workshops offered only to community members.

What community managers receive 

We grow, you grow. Contact us to figure out about our partnership program.

Grow your brand exposure and community.

Build your community and thought leadership through participating in Lua’s intimacy-related events, workshops, and festivals.

Access to other community leaders like you in our VIP community Facebook group.

 So you want to register your community or group. What’s next?

When you register with us, you’ll get a unique code to share with your community.
This gives your community exclusive access to Lua.
We make it easy to share Lua with your people — you’ll receive a content plan and support.

What is a conscious community?

Conscious communities are groups of people who grow together. They’re like-minded people brought together by self development and growth.

Communities can be global or local. They may be totally online, in-person, or a mix. Some communities may meet at festivals or retreats, while others meet digitally.

These communities explore a range of things including yoga, non-violent communication, meditation, Tantra, ecstatic dance, psychology, and more…

Kinds of communities on Lua:
Online groups • Facebook group or pages • Whatsapp groups  • Newsletter audiences • Burn camps • Live-in communities